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About Us

Double-ues is a company founded by me (Jakob) and Lukas Wallner

Because of our sporty parents we literally grew up in the nature, we spent  every minute there. We went hiking, biking, skiing, climbing and so on. But the passion for outdoor sports wasn’t the only thing we got from them. Another thing was the true love for photography. Neither of them worked as a photographer but we always saw their passion and joy in doing what they love. That was definetly a reason why we both started with photographing at early age. We never lost the interest in it but threw the time my interest in filming and cutting got bigger and bigger so it came that i started with filming as well.


2014 me and my brother founded Double-ues. In the beginning we didn’t had really big plans what we want to do with it we just wanted to create a platform were we can share our personal stuff. Meanwhile Double-ues is more than that, it’s a small company from Innsbruck mostly anchored in the action sports scene but that doesn’t mean were only shooting sport, we do a lot of other stuff as well. Currently we worked with a view well known Companies like Decathlon, DC- Snowboarding, Nikita, Bonfire Outerwear, K2 Snowboarding, Ride Snowboards , Head Snowboards and also a view small Local companies like shred unit and go-shred were we try to support as much as possible.

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