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Rider: Maxi Preissinger
Guest Rider: Luis Eckert, Flo Corzelius
Filmed: Jakob Wallner
Edited: Jakob Wallner
Motion Graphic: Jakob Wallner
Idea/Concept: Jakob Wallner
One Sixty Nine is the result of a collaborative movie project between Maxi Preissinger and myself. Despite facing challenges with the low amount of snowfall throughout the winter, we managed to capture some amazing footage during the few epic days on the mountain. Although I wasn’t entirely sure how to approach the editing process during filming, I’m thrilled with the final product and I hope you like it as well.

Motion Graphic Idea/Concept

For the motion graphic segment of the movie I drew inspiration from the Fujifilm Buy n 16 cameras. Originally designed for golfers to analyze their swing, the camera’s ability to take 16 photos in 2 seconds makes it an ideal „gif machine“ that can produce captivating sequences. While I didn’t use the camera itself in the movie, I utilized a combination of four different programs to achieve similar results. It took around 40 hours of work to animate all 20 sequences, but the end result was truly worth the effort.


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