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Rider: Maxi Preissinger, Luis Eckert, 
Filmed: Jakob Wallner
Edited: Jakob Wallner
Motion Graphic: Jakob Wallner
Idea/Concept: Jakob Wallner
One Sixty Nine is the result of a collaborative movie project between Maxi Preissinger and myself. Despite facing challenges with the low amount of snowfall throughout the winter, we managed to capture some amazing footage during the few epic days on the mountain. Although I wasn’t entirely sure how to approach the editing process during filming, I’m thrilled with the final product and I hope you like it as well.

Motion Graphic Idea/Concept

The inspiration for the intro was drawn from Agatha Christie’s crime series, Poirot. Although the final product differs significantly from that, it served as a creative starting point that ultimately led to the intro’s completion. I personally illustrated and animated the entire intro.

To compensate for the limited amount of B-roll, I used photo sequences as a stylistic device to provide a behind-the-scenes look. Filming a movie alone without additional crew members is a challenging task, so I always have to find ways to capture B-roll and lifestyle shots while scouting for filming angles. To achieve this, I opted for disposable cameras due to their ease of use and convenience. The riders were able to have fun with the cameras while I scouted for angles, resulting in authentic lifestyle shots that added to the final piece.


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